Translation prices differ depending on the type of the text and the language of the translation, but it is calculated over 1.000 characters without spaces. Translations under 1.000 characters without spaces will be calculated as 1.000 characters. Pricing is based on the target text. 18% VAT, Notary, Apostille, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy or Consulate certification fees are NOT included in the translation prices.

  • A special price is applied for our customers working with an annual agreement.
  • Special discounts are available for documents of 100.000 characters and above.
  • If desired, sworn translations are delivered to the addresses of our customers by cargo.
  • Please contact us for detailed information on pricing.

Please send your document to to get pricing and time information regarding the translation service, and we will give you detailed information about your translation as soon as possible via the same e-mail.